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Agile development method adapts to change. Agile method focuses on the ‘actual software delivery’. It is best suited for catering to frequent changes in requirements, rapid iterations in customer specifications & extensive releases of the product.

Agile mythology involves highly skilled resource and very close coordination with the client team and end users. Agile witnesses rapid development, continuous regression testing and multiple releases of software versions within a short period of time.

The benefits are :

Very close coordination with end user or business stakeholder

Collaborative approach ensuring customer satisfaction

Improved quality due to extensive testing and debugging

Flexibility to address evolving requirements

A ready to release product at the end of each tested stage

Best suited for solution & product development

Self-directing teams that work together as a whole


Water fall

Water Fall

Waterfall is emphasized on the structured progression in phase of the project, where each stage is completed before the next stage started. Every set of activities are defined in phase. In the waterfall method result and cost can be effectively calculated and estimated. Waterfall best suites where the requirements are well defined and unambiguous.

The benefit of this model are :

Ability to coordinate large distributed teams

Structured way of project management & effective documentation

Progress can be conclusively identified

Being non-iterative, it allows multiple projects to run in parallel

Best suited for services and project development

Follows a sequential process that helps to track and monitor resource usage

Water Fall