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Android Development

With android, the technological framework allows to build innovative applications and games for mobile devices. Android offers an adaptive framework that provides distinctive resources for different devices.

Simply put, Android application development is a process by which new software are created for the Android operating platforms. These Android applications are usually developed in Java scripts using the Android software development kit (SDK). SDK includes a comprehensive set of development tools which includes libraries; handset emulator, tutorials, codes, and debugger.

Android’s supported development platforms are Linux, Mac OS X 10.58 or later, and Windows 7 or later.

Technology Android

Benefits from Android Development

Creating Android applications are low in investment and high in returns.

Android SDK applications are open source which means interaction with communities is easily possible.

The Android platform is always ready for customization, thus allowing easy to integrate the mobile app according to the business need.

Android apps do not rely on single market place for distribution. It can be distributed in Google Android market, website or any vertical markets.

Since Android apps are scripted in Java language with assistance from different libraries, anyone can build Android applications with the knowledge of Java.

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iPhone/iPad Development

Apple Inc. developed an exclusive mobile operating system for its hardware. This operating system is mainly for company’s mobile devices, including the iPad, iPhone, and iPod. Being the second most popular operating system after Android, it is vastly used and accepted by people worldwide.

Based upon direct manipulation, the iOS user interface uses multi-touch gestures. Many versions of iOS are available in the market around the world. The current version released in Sep 2016 is the most trending version and hugely used for new Apple models.

Benefits from iPhone/iPad Development

Apple’s iOS is user-friendly and holds high standards.

An apt app for every business in this ever-changing business space.

At Apple, the security is the utmost importance and the intrusion & hacking of the sensitive data is prevented at any cost.

With Android apps, businesses help themselves to grow and engage their users with at a greater level.