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OpenSource Technology

WordPress website

Based on PHP and MySQL, WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) installed on a web server either a part of hosting service or network host. WordPress offers features like plugin architecture and template system. In today’s era, WordPress is majorly used for website management and blogging by businesses on the web.

WordPress, being a search engine-friendly system, features integrated link management, the ability to create multiple categories for one post and keyword tagging flexibility. It also provides standardized formatting and styling for consistency through all the posts.


Benefits from WordPress website

WordPress is very easy to use due to its simple technology and standardized formatting

WordPress websites can be managed from any Computer

WordPress requires no HTML editing or FTP software. Creating a new page or post can be done by a novice of technical arena

WordPress is search-engine friendly that allows optimizing keywords and enhancing the site’s content

Personal control over the site without the intervention of the web designer

The website design can be customized at any stage of the website journey

Blog is built-in and various plugins are available which are free or at a very reasonable price

One WordPress account can have multiple users

Drupal development

Drupal Development

Written in PHP, Drupal is a free and open source content management framework that provides a back-end for major websites worldwide. Drupal systems are used greatly for personal as well as corporate blogs and website sites. Drupal serves as a simple website, single or multi-user blog, an internet forum or user-generated websites.

Although Drupal offers sophisticated API to developers, requires basic website installation and administration, it does not require any programming skills. Thus, Drupal is a user-friendly framework for developers as well as non-technical uses.

Benefits from Drupal based website

Drupal includes a lot of functionalities such as graphics modification tool, menu management, polls management, and more

Drupal allows to create content types like videos, text, blogs, statistics, and more.

Multiple use accounts can be created and permission rights can be given to other users.

Drupal enables design editing by using the available templates and themes.

Categorization of content is possible through URL and paths.

Thousands of plugins are available with Drupal

Blog is built-in and various plugins are available which are free or at a very reasonable price

One WordPress account can have multiple users

Magento Development

Written in PHP, Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform. Originally from USA, Magento was created with an aim to offer new ways to strengthen user engagement, reduce conversion rates, and smooth navigations. With organized business tools, Magento speeds up the website build up time and enhance productivity.

Employing the MySQL database management system, PHP programs, and Zend framework; Magento applies protocols of object-oriented programming. Magento’s interface provides search engine optimization, management tools and advanced marketing.


Benefits from Magento based website

Magento ecommerce websites are user-friendly and accommodates latest consumer shopping trend

Magento optimizes organic traffic through search engines.

Magento platforms are huge and can support large number of products and handle orders in an efficient manner.

Easy connection with other ecommerce platforms and also allows third party interactions.

Magento allows customizing multiple levels of security permissions such as Captcha and password protected.

Dynamic search filters improves the user experience and allows auto-suggestions.

os commerce

Oscommerce Development

Features by OsCommerce provide an excellent shopping experience as the functionality of the system is easy. Using PHP/MySQL frameworks enables OsCommerce to allow installation, modification, custom development and documentation.

Benefits from OsCommerce based website

OsCommerce offers number of ways to access product catalogs.

OsCommerce is suitable for international stores as it facilitates multiple currencies and various langauges.

OsCommerce is a flexible and customizable shopping cart that offers a user-friendly experience.

OsCommerce builds a secure environment as it allows using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption.

OsCommerce allows browsing of product catalogs, viewing product specialties, adding reviews and much more.

Helps businesses to create a customer base with easy to navigate and customer-focused platform.

OsCommerce can receives and create newsletters and email, new products and product reviews.

Joomla Development

Joomla is content management software that keeps a track of content on the websites and saves the data. Content can be in the form of simple text, music, images, documents, and much more. A major benefit of using Joomla is that it requires almost no technical knowledge or skills to operate it.

Joomla is very easy to use and web designers can quickly build engaging sites with a short turnaround time. Thus, with a minimal cost, Joomla websites are created which are also easy to manage.

Joomla development

Benefits from Joomla based website

Publishing Blogs on Joomla is very easy as it simply requires copy-pasting.

Joomla provides an open source infrastructure that supports CMS itself.

Joomla websites are extremely functional and interactive to users.

E-commerce Becomes Easy with Joomla

Joomla is SEO friendly

Php development

Opencart Development

OpenCart is a renowned technology very hot in the shopping cart solutions market. Packaged with rich features, OpenCart sites are very easy to use, search engine friendly and easy-to-understand interface. OpenCart is a robust eCommerce solution for online businesses. Being a powerful content management system, OpenCart powers a number of shopping sites using open cart themes and websites.

Benefits from OpenCart website

OpenCart eases the installation and setup of the application.

The website requires no technical expertise to use.

Website owner has great flexibility and control over the eCommerce website.

OpenCart is very simple to use and manages to save ample of time.

Opencart development comprises of following types of developments

OpenCart theme Customization / OpenCart Templates

Rapnet integration for Diamond sites.

OpenCart Module Development.

OpenCart module customization

OpenCart Custom Extension Design on VQMOD.

OpenCart payment gateway solutions.