Whether you’re going to a trade show or a family vacation travelers need information on where to eat, shop or visit. At Xudera, we created Digital Travel Guide (DTG) App for Smartphone, Tablets, and SmartTV. We also looked at the most effective ways to increase user engagement with in-app advertising as the evolution of in-app advertising goes from interruptive banners (still the sole recourse for many ad networks) to more sophisticated, engaging and targeted ad units.

We strive to deliver great experiences with interactive in-app advertising technology that enables the world’s leading brands, publishers Ad Agencies and local advertisers to engage global Business and Leisure Travelers through their Smartphone, Tablet and Smart TV in their hotel rooms.

Xudera serves video, and display Ads directly in Digital Travel Guide (DTG) App and our in-house designers can create Ads for local restaurants, retailers and tour companies that maximize travelers interaction,and maintain brand consistency and deliver results.