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Basic Information of Iphone Application Development


Bought an Iphone or an Ipad? You really are inspired by Steve Jobs for his innovation.

Let’s get iphone started

  • Iphone Application Development requires Apple’s IDE. IDE is nothing but Integrated Development Environment that provides surroundings to develop various applications. This is known as Xcode and easily can be downloaded from Apple’s official site.
  • If you are writing codes for iphone applications then you need to run OS X. Xcode provides you a user friendly interface with which you can write codes easily.
  • Every OS comes with its basic language like Android is built on Java in the same way iphone is built on language Objective-C. Objective-C is considered as extension of C language which apple has changed for its development kit.
  • Iphone applications Development Company always builds in and around the concept of objects and classes.

Know about Iphone’s OS

Iphone iOS is an important four layered system. These layers are as below:

  1. Cocoa Touch- Cocoa Touch is responsible for events, User interactions, Conversions at user level, window services.
  2. Media- This deals with media which is audio as well as video.
  3. Core Services-These handle data types and language structures.
  4. Core OS- This performs the most basic functionality at kernel level. Concepts like Threading, multitasking, I/O issues, Networking etc are handled.

These days iPhone application Development Company are highly client focused and develop applications as per their needs. They note down their requirements very specifically. They create storyboard which means the user interface is laid and configured. Controllers are built which is nothing but logics or functionality behind every user interface.  The last step is navigation rule which defines the next window or result to be opened on the choice of his input.

If you are looking for a good iPhone Application Development Company then you must keep a track on its experience in the field and then must hand over your project to them.