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Google Penguin Update? Or Just Core Algorithm Update


Google Penguin is not a bird! Actually, it’s ‘Google Algorithm’ and watching the ‘Blacky- Hat SEO’ web pages. We all know Google Penguin is a great controller of Web Pages those are practising Black Hat SEO and lowering the ranking of the same.There are speculations in Webmaster communities and SEOs around the world for the Google Penguin Latest Update. Update believed to be delayed and it will come very soon, that’s what all are thinking.

But, Guy at Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, Gary Illyes rightly said “ I haven’t seen the experiment results yet, I could only speculate. which I won’t” means all are guessing.

Google rarely announces and Confirm Core Algorithm Updates, but it is working on core algorithm changes, that’s for sure! But not in Google Penguin. 

Whatever, it’s clear for ‘attention’ and ‘beware’ signal for duplicate content, keyword stuffing and other activities.

Keep doing good White Hat SEO!

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