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How To Hire Magento Web Developers Services Company In India?


As an experienced Magento development company, we know client requirement and how to fulfill the same by providing great quality. It is important to choose a good company for your Magento development project in India. It is quite tricky to choose.

We are trying to present a quick guide/steps to how to Hire Magento Web Developer Services company in India.

Step 1: Make a high level requirement document of your project.

Step 2: Plan for searching Magento developers. Set a deadline in time.

Step 3: Make an excel sheet template as below and name it as ‘Magento developers comparison’. A template example: Magento comparison.

A template example: Magento comparison

Name of Company Date of inquire Initial response date Location Num of people in company Number of magento project developed Similar project developed(yes/No) Ballpark cost /time/Hourly rate Note
Hexagon Infosoft 20/1/2016 20/1/2016 India 50 120 7 USD 20/Hr
Company A Date Date Location Num Num Num <Cost/Time>

(above mentioned figures are for example  only.)
Step 4: Identify top 5 or 7 companies from the comparison sheet according to your criteria.
Step 5: Compare communication quality during the identification process.
Step 6: Start negotiation process with Top 3 companies.
Step 7: Award project with contract and proper documentation.

The above process of choosing the right company for Magento Development proven to be very effective. Now we are trying to provide guidance for criteria of Magento developers

1. Company credentials and information.

a. Check company details and company owner’s experience in then Industry.
b. Refer Company’s about us page and read the content about the company.
c. search company on search engine and look for more information, review or mentions.

2. Reputation and referrals.

a. Check client and testimonials of the company
b. Explore social media pages/profiles of the company e,g, LinkedIn profiles.
c. Try to find out mentioned clients contact (same country) and get the information from them.
d. Check any other referral or reputations.
e. Check any certification with the company.

3. Previous work analysis.

a. Go to the portfolio section and find Magento projects done.
b. Explore any case study mentioned and read it and explore in detail.
c. Try to find out similar work has been done or not.

4. Initial comparison.

As mentioned above in this article, prepare a plan for comparison and compare as per your criteria.

5. Check for Magento certification with company.

a. Check Magento development certification with the company or not.
b. If they do not have a certificate then analyze the previous work in detail.

6. Take a interview of magento developers.

a. In case of absence of the certification, take a interview of magento developers.
b. check technical skills, project management skill and communication.
c. Take a practical test with time deadline.

7. Provide sample project to check technical skills.

a. Provide a sample project with small amount.
b. Check time, cost and quality aspect of the small project.

8. Project methodology of company.

a. Ask for details of project methodology company practiced.
b. Generally Waterfall, SDLC and agile are being practiced.
c. Choose a project methodology as per requirement.

9. Engagement model of company.

a. Check engagement model of the company.
b. Generally time-material, fixed cost & hire dedicated Magento developer are practiced as engagement model in company in India.
c. Explore each and every option of engagement model and choose as per your Magento development project requirement.

10. Payment terms of the company.

Negotiate with company for payment.
If you are working first time with Magento development company in India then do it secure payment gateways.
Plan your strategy of negotiation before actually going into negotiation with the company.

11. Award project.

This is the final process with company. It is an important step.
Before award the project make sure for each and every document that required to go into contract with the company.
SLAs, Terms and conditions, Intellectual property rights, and the NDA kind of documents are generally flourished during the award of the project.

The choosing Magento company is a tricky task and if you follow above task, then it will be an easy task. For more details please contact us.