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Top 7 Points For Hiring WordPress Developer In India


Website development is tricky!  It’s smart work for business owners and individual. It must caters business requirements and appeal to  vision and mission. A good developed website is game changer for business. People around the world pay attention for making their web site awesome.

When it comes to any web development project, one must think of the Time, cost and quality.

Regarding the cost aspect, people choose to explore open source web development technologies and thanks to developers around the world we have plenty of options available!

But, finding best open source technology and best web development for  web development project is like finding a needle from the ocean!!

It is quite possible that WordPress is on the radar when you are looking for cost effective web development services. WordPress is a leader in providing content management system for website.

We are trying to narrate few points while you are looking for hiring  WordPress Developers in India.

1. Explore Credential Of Company

When you search for the WordPress Development Company in India , always look out for below mention points:

  • Web development company website.
  • Portfolio of the company
  • Testimonials or case study of web development projects
  • Reference check of the company
  • Depth search for WordPress development service in the company website.
  • Initial inquiry response time and understanding in first go.

2. Experience and Attitude

It might be a separate discussion point between experience and attitude and what to choose. It depends upon the project time and quality. It is advisable to go for experience of minimum 3 years if your project is medium to large size. For small work or update work it is OK with less experience WordPress developer. Attitude is important and it comes after working experience. Around the world WordPress developer job description designed to meet the experience and technical skills.  We advise to go for professional work attitude with good experience level.

3. Initial Communication

Make an initial inquiry with a very basic requirement definition. If web development company provides quick response with good understanding, then one can go further with that company.

4. Cost

Compare  WordPress developer salaries in USA  with the offering of the WordPress development hourly rate in India.

Do basic analysis and research on WordPress developer hourly rate across different countries. Compare always with cost, understanding of the requirement and quality aspect. Do not just go for cheap rate/cost!

It is more helpful if you analyze, salary of WordPress developer salary in Canada and WordPress developer salary in the UK  (or in other European countries) along with the rest of the world. It will give you more inputs for decision making.

5. Freelancer Vs Company

It is hot a debate topic around the world that whether business owners should Hire WordPress Developer freelance service or WordPress developer from company, let us have insight on this.

If your web development project is large in size then suggested to go with professional WordPress development company.

If you require small work finished which would complete with a day or two, then go with freelance developer.

Hire a WordPress development team if your project is very large.

Hire a WordPress developer from India if you want to dedicate and wish to control a developer and wish to work according to your guidance (According to your requirement).

6. Technical Skills

It is all about technical know how. How to check WordPress developer’s technical skill?

If you are a technical person, then take  an interview of the WordPress Developer.
If you are a business person then give a very small project and check their work.
Evaluate their portfolio and past projects.
You can ask for code snippets.
Check their expertise in core PHP.
See their work in HTML and CSS.
Ask WordPress Developer, whether he/she has  taken any WordPress development training?

7. Project and process

It is very important to check whether WordPress Development Company or Developer is using standard project methodology and SDLC. There are a number of software development project methods, e.g. waterfall, agile and rapid development.

Wrap Up
One thing is very clear that WordPress is awesome! You can surely bet on WordPress for your web development project. To choose a best WordPress Development Company in India you have to consider Time, cost, quality, experience and past work in mind.

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