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Why Magento is Highly Selected For The eCommerce?


‘Why’ is question word when people are seeking for answers from the things related to the benefits of the same.
What is the common thing between these brands, Samsung, Lenovo, Olympus, fox connects and Nike? – All are built upon the Magento eCommerce platform.
Now, let us look at the below trend capture from google trend (till 2015 and January 2016),
According to above trend, Magento is continuously in an upward trend since 2008 till date. The picture shows the story of from comparison of leading eCommerce softwares for eCommerce website development.

Let us compare with the Top 100K website over the internet and it has 2, 373 are big eCommerce stores. We got below result from 2014.
From above two analysis, we can see that Magento is preferred eCommerce software to build eCommerce websites..

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Let us look at why business owners and technology partners/ website developers choose Magento as an eCommerce software platform.

1. Cost

The Magento community edition is free. It is open source. Open source web developer can easily make an eCommerce website using Magento platform. The biggest advantage is open source and easy to learn hence these two factors reduce the website development cost significantly.

2. Ready To Use

Ready to use standard eCommerce modules and plug in. Unlike other Content management system where plug in needs to integrate for commerce features, Magento comes up with ready to use modules and plug in like inventory management, customer segmentation, chart, dashboard, advance supplier and shipping options and lot more.

3. Easy To Integrated

Business owner seeks for uniqueness. Uniqueness drives to customizations. Thanks to web developers around the world, there are lots of ready made third party plugin available as per the custom requirement. Magento has the capability to integrate so many plugs in a very easy way.

4. Number Of Templates

Plenty of templates available for Magento stores. Wide range of templates gives facility to choose desire template.

5. Mobile Friendly

Magento, eCommerce software has great capability to create mobile friendly, responsive eCommerce website design. It has built in feature which allows eCommerce developers to develop mobile friendly eCommerce websites in quick time.

6. Features, More Features

Magento supports features like, Customer Management, Order, Service, Analytics and Reporting, Catalog Management, Bundling of Products, Payment, Checkout, Search Engine Optimization, Built-in cross-sell and Upsell options, CMS option, Product Browsing, Catalog Browsing, International Support, Newsletters, Marketing Promotions and Tools, Site Management.

7. Conclusion

It is, Flexible Extendable Modular  Upgradable Scalable Magento is powerful eCommerce software/Platform. Magento eCommerce developers around the world are heavily relying on Magento and provide awesome eCommerce websites to the business owners.

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