Android Application Development

Android Application Development ServicesAndroid Application Development has thus one of the fastest developing platforms today with millions of apps in the market which has revolutionized the world. And with the rapid development of the platform, which is supported on the Linux Kernel, there are several Android app developers developing a lot of apps across the globe for various purposes and businesses.

The biggest and greatest advantage of this platform is that being an open source development platform, it requires less investment while it promises a handsome return on investment and that is one of the biggest reasons that Android application development has become a greatly beneficial business for independent application developers to make good money.

Hexagon Infosoft offers robust android application development upon:

  • Google Apps
  • Multimedia
  • Email and SMS program
  • GPS and Wi-Fi
  • J2ME and web services
  • Browsers and contacts

Android Game Applications

android-application-development-2Games are always fun. Mobile gaming is growing since the inception of mobile after years. Innovation and new ideas in mobile gaming pick up the craze like anything. With entering of android in mobile market and support of game development this trend will be on high. Developing a game application for mobile is always require talent and experience.

Android game development requires special know how for quality development.

Hexagon Infosoft Android game development is based upon the:

  • Decide on the target game device whether is 1st generation to next generation
  • Picking up the language , java and C++ is perfect for the android game development
  • Graphics like 3D and 2D based upon OpenGL ES 1.0