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Know More About Alexa Global Traffic Panel


There is news in April this month regarding the Alexa’s Global Traffic Panel. Alexa decided to increase the panel size. Alexa is a market leader in ranking and tracking traffic metrics for the website since last 20 years.

The increasing population of internet users gives hard impact on tracking tools. As internet users increases and search terms increase the algorithm of such program need to enhance.

Alexa is coming with simple solutions to deploy sample of global traffic. Employing data points with data sample is a good strategy for accuracy.

Benefits of New Alexa Global Traffic Panel With Increases Size is,

Accuracy in ranking and estimated traffic rankings for all websites

SEO recommendation now more action oriented.

Data intelligence now competes handsomely with others.

The another good benefit of the increased size of Alexa’s global traffic panel is detail information insight of your competitor website.

Business owners can insight into the new market easily. There are several ranking metrics deployed with new panel so now website owner can see more from the panel.

Alexa also uses Alexa certified websites into consideration, this is direct source traffic. For non Alexa certified website they use the script and it is called estimated matrices. Alexa combines the traffic and applies high intelligent statistical model to calculate rankings.

Alexa website ranking is a benchmark in the industry. Website owners around the world rely on the ranking and market the business accordingly. It is good to have such improvements time to time for better and accurate rankings.

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