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Mobile App Development

Leading Force

Over the past decade, Hexagon has become a leading force in the mobile application development market. With eminent operational and development processes, Hexagon has grown exponentially and become a principal support for gearing the best mobile applications in the online market segments.

With people increasingly becoming tech savvy and gradually spending most of their time on mobile applications, Hexagon understands their requirements and helps the businesses to grow in this technological-centric mobile application development business.

Hexagon’s talent pool of developers includes highly-skilled experts, UX professionals and certified engineers who are specialists in building mobile applications. With help of Hexagon, every critical project will receive right approach to mobile app development to ensure success for the project. At Hexagon, mobile developments are achieved with proven success.

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Utilize Knowledge

In this today’s fast-moving competitive business world, Hexagon helps in developing critical mobile applications which ensures success through online business.  Our developers believe in continuous improvements and utilize knowledge to create up-to-date mobile applications. With our in-house continuous testing processes, we maintain the overall level of quality throughout the project and enhance the final outcome.

Our approach of customer-centric business enables us to handle the projects effectively and meet the expected requirements. At Hexagon, we guarantee to deliver the best updated application that meets the industry standards and latest trends within a short period.

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Our Process


Business rules planning Requirements gathering Reviewing best practices Competitive & problem research Stakeholder interviews


UI/UX Design

Create personas Create task list Wireframe UI Create UI/UX mockups Get user feedback


Front-End Dev

Real prototype inside app Interaction experience Get user feedback Code front end


Back-End Dev

Develop API Develop back-end architecture Quality control Client iterations



Functional testing Integration testing User testing Device & unit testing Bug fixes



Ensure back-up Build deployment Deployment to app store


Maintenance & Support

Backups Server monitoring Updates & upgrades Troubleshooting Bug fixes


Market Evaluation

Customer feedback Raitings Analytics A / B testing


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We will help you to achieve your goals and to grow your business.

Services we offer

Android Apps Development

iPhone Apps Development

Hexagon offers multiple set of mobile application services as per the specific requirements of the businesses.