Custom Bobblehead Dolls


Bobblemaker is owned by HD Design Center, LLC, which got its start in May of 2004. This business was originally a wedding accessories superstore, specializing in selling all kinds of things people need for their weddings, including gifts, guest books and party favors.

When the founders of HD Design Center wanted to add something different to their product line, they decided to try adding a line of custom wedding cake toppers. These wedding cake toppers were a smashing success, thanks mostly to the skilled work of our many artisan sculptors. We employed these overseas sculptors to create a truly custom product, something beyond the garden-variety wedding cake toppers that most people use. Our sculptors allowed us to offer an end product that reflected the appearance of both the bride and the groom, making an already special day even more special.

Over the years, we’ve received so many thank you notes from satisfied customers who’ve used our custom wedding cake toppers at their weddings. We remain eternally grateful to these happy couples for their gratitude and for helping us grow our business.

Based on the success of these custom wedding cake toppers, we decided to take things a step further. With our expertise in crafting custom clay figurines already secure, we realized that we could offer another product that consumers might not expect – truly custom bobblehead dolls! We began to offer figurines that were appropriate for various hobbies, for sports fans, and even for a little fun around the office.

When people saw how they could put theirs or another’s likeness on a custom, handcrafted bobblehead doll, they couldn’t get enough. That’s why in 2006, HD Design Center added a Bobblehead Division to the company, dedicated solely the expanding and maintaining our line of custom bobblehead dolls. This led to the creation of our first dedicated bobbleheads website in January of 2007.

From there, we even began to expand into the amusing (and lucrative) world of political bobblehead dolls. In August of 2007, we opened a dedicated website for these political bobbleheads called This website is the official provider of political bobblehead dolls for

Finally, we arrived here at, which allows our customers to choose between clay bobblehead dolls and resin bobblehead dolls. In October of 2013, we folded another one of our websites,, into this one, which was a website that offered larger-sized clay and resin bobblehead dolls. You’ll find those products among our collection here.

It’s been a lot of fun over these many years, and we’re looking forward to more fun with bobblehead making in the future. We stand behind our reputation, and think that you’ll enjoy doing business with us. At, we:

  • Are fully insured against loss and damage
  • Possess a full customs bond
  • Are hacker safe
  • Utilize 256 Encryption on purchases
  • Are top-rated and recognized by D&B (ID: 79-228-5681)
  • Hold a collegiate license for creating licensed products