SEO Update


19 Jan: SEO updates 2016 – Core Algorithm Updates Continues by the Google still this Weekend

We can say that the update will be on Google Core Algorithm. From past few weeks, search results most ticklish. Behavior of search results tells us the story behind the engine and almost all major webmasters noticed that. Google clarified that it is not about Google Penguin but it is about core algorithm rankings.

13 Jan: Google Penguin Update? Or Just Core Algorithm Update

Google Penguin is not a bird! Actually, it’s ‘Google Algorithm’ and watching the 'Blacky- Hat SEO' web pages. We all know Google Penguin is a great controller of Web Pages those are practising Black Hat SEO and lowering the ranking of the same.

13 Jan: Google Panda Became The Part Of The Latest Core Ranking Algorithm 2016

Google Panda is not ‘Kung-fu Panda’ but it is Dancing Panda! Everyone is ‘dancing’ with its rhythm and update when it comes for entertain us! Sound’s nuts yeah!! Webmasters and SEOs around the world know what exactly happens when Google panda release any update.